Know about advantages of Aluminum and Wood Screen printing frames

Screen Printing is a process through which people print images on several things including plastic, glass, paper,textile, ceramics,metal and wood. The printing is done completely through mesh or screens that are fitted on the frame on which stencil is applied. The stencils applied on the frame are of two variety aluminum and wood. The screen printing is compatible with a wide variety of product types. Professionals find it as the best form of printing when it comes to print two or more colors. A variety of colors and ink can be used through this kind of printing form. The screen printing process is quite effective in various print runs whether it is high or low. As a result, screen printing has become an important and successful method of creating mass and large volume prints.

Advantages of Aluminum Screen printing frames

  • Aluminum screen printing frames consists of longevity and durability.
  • Aluminum frames carry very less weight.
  • Aluminum frames can also be stretched and re-stretched many times.
  • Professionals can easily remove the mesh and glue from the frame by a toll which doesn’t damage the aluminum.
  • Different mesh sizes are available for diverse applications in the screen printing process.

Advantages of WoodScreen printing frames

  • Wood screen printing frames are appropriate for beginners.
  • Using wood screen printing frames would be inexpensive.
  • It is compatible with durability and rigidity.
  • Wooden frames are coated with protecting material which keeps them ink and water repellent.

For screen printing, professionals can select any of these frames to get the appropriate print over the products. Apart from these frames people can also go for metal and steel frames. People as per their budget and requirement can select the right frame for them to get appropriate screen printing.