UV coating – A perfect choice for high quality and fine finishing look

UV coating or Ultra Violet coating is a chemical based very glossy coating which is applied on several products including handout sheet, printed paper surface, postcards, folders, catalogue and many more. The coating takes a lot of time in getting dry. When the coating receives ultraviolet light through the special machine the coating becomes more harden and secure on the products. After coating and ultraviolet lighting, the products have laminated look.

Apart from these above mentioned products, UV coating is used to coat glass, wood, plastic, and aluminum beverage cans. As it is one the best methods to bring perfect finishing on the products therefore different kinds of industries use this UV coating for professional look. Apart from the perfect finishing and professional touch, the UV coating consists of many other advantages such as follows:

Major components available in UV coating are:

  • Oligomers
  • Monomers
  • Photoinitators

Some other components of UV coating include stabilizers, pigments, flatting agents, flow controls.

Advantages of UV coating

Glossy shine finish: The rich colors and glossy shine of the UV coating offers a wet appearance to the product which is quite effective and eye-catching. The stunning glossy shine of the UV coating increases the life of the product.

Environmentally friendly: The UV coatings are solvent free and didn’t get emit VOCs while curing.

Instant drying with UV light exposure: It quickly gets dry when UV light exposure reflects on the coating. It also reduces production time. Enable simple shipping and delivery time.

High clarity: The coating details stand out and pop ups due to the high clarity of the coating. The perfect images and company logos of the company in high clarity enhances the beauty of the product and leaves lasting impression on buyers.

Good scrape resistance: The coating is perfect for postcard, business cards and brochures as it keeps them as it is. The products remain perfect due to the scrape resistance feature of the coating. The quality appearance of the coating has hard finish and smudging resistance that keeps the good into professional and high quality look.

Know about advantages of Aluminum and Wood Screen printing frames

Screen Printing is a process through which people print images on several things including plastic, glass, paper,textile, ceramics,metal and wood. The printing is done completely through mesh or screens that are fitted on the frame on which stencil is applied. The stencils applied on the frame are of two variety aluminum and wood. The screen printing is compatible with a wide variety of product types. Professionals find it as the best form of printing when it comes to print two or more colors. A variety of colors and ink can be used through this kind of printing form. The screen printing process is quite effective in various print runs whether it is high or low. As a result, screen printing has become an important and successful method of creating mass and large volume prints.

Advantages of Aluminum Screen printing frames

  • Aluminum screen printing frames consists of longevity and durability.
  • Aluminum frames carry very less weight.
  • Aluminum frames can also be stretched and re-stretched many times.
  • Professionals can easily remove the mesh and glue from the frame by a toll which doesn’t damage the aluminum.
  • Different mesh sizes are available for diverse applications in the screen printing process.

Advantages of WoodScreen printing frames

  • Wood screen printing frames are appropriate for beginners.
  • Using wood screen printing frames would be inexpensive.
  • It is compatible with durability and rigidity.
  • Wooden frames are coated with protecting material which keeps them ink and water repellent.

For screen printing, professionals can select any of these frames to get the appropriate print over the products. Apart from these frames people can also go for metal and steel frames. People as per their budget and requirement can select the right frame for them to get appropriate screen printing.

Innovative ideas boost screen printing and designing business

Stepping into style with uniquely designed apparels and footwear is in high demand in today’s fashion freak world. Flaunting with captivating attires has become the nature and requirement of the younger generation. As a result, to go with changing fashion, trend, demand and preference of people, the apparel manufacturers are paying heed on the each aspect of fashion and accordingly bring the innovative print and design for customers.

Innovative ideas, style, design, shade with quality fabrics are always welcomed in screen printing and design. All manufacturers are working closely with each aspect of fashion to come up with unique and alluring apparels that sets them apart from other businessmen. As we all know fashion changes very frequently and people are more likely to get indulge with them. To fulfill the demand and preference of customers, the manufacturers are focusing on different kinds of color combination, pattern, print and design.

When it comes to implement the entire plan of creating stylish apparels, the businessmen select screen printing to get desired products. Screen printing is best for apparel designing and printing because its print is of high quality and most durable. The professionals are able to produce much more vibrant color with screen printing as it is easy to see when you look at the same image side-by-side.

Screen printing and its quality production is attracting all fashion freak and benefiting manufactures. It has brought a new marketing approach to various businessmen and obtains standout position among the competitors. To enhance the printing business and get lots of benefit from it, professionals need to understand the trend and taste of market along with the new approaches. Businessmen just need to indulge in planning and implementation to set their business and get better results.