Time to know the history and use of Screen Printing

Screen Printing is a procedure to get your logo or design on different apparels and hundreds of other items. It’s an ancient technique to leave a soft touch finish on your garments. In earlier times the printing was done by a woven mesh that supported an ink-blocking stencil.

According to historians, the technique has emerged in China during the Song dynasty (960-1279 CE). Later the technique was adopted in many of the Asian countries that brought a new innovation in the technique has been introduced such as block printing. Apart from Asia, these printing trends was much in use in Western Europe where it was introduced in late 1700′s and was scantly used for just printing wall papers or the other fabrics.

With the passage of time, the technique got huge establishment and in the year 1910 people even started experimenting in this technique and refined it further. People frequently started using photo-reactive chemicals. Actinic light and cross linking properties of potassium, sodium and ammonium bicarbonate chemicals with certain gelatin compounds were used frequently. All these experiments and developments have revolutionized the printing industry.

Later in the year 1928, Joseph Ulano established the chemical supplier industry and introduced the method of applying gloss substance stencil material to a removable base. It gets divide in different shapes and designs, in this way the printed areas get removed and remaining material was left sticking to mesh. It helps in manufacturing sharp edge screen which carries numerous benefits in printing industry. With the advancement in industrial technology, the method of printing has modified but the concept was same as earlier.

In present times, the printing technique has become quite delicate as the woven fabric mesh which is fixed on a frame of wood or aluminum. It is made up of any hard metal like steel, polyester and nylon. The areas of screen that are not been printed get blocked off completely with any non porous material. In this way the impression of the design is printed on the cloth and the businesses manufactures the imprinted items in bulk. It has become the trendiest and simplest way of business.

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